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Winter Musical "The Addams Family" is a Spooky Delight

Winter Musical The Addams Family is a Spooky Delight

They're creepy and they're kooky, and they are at Rumsey! Students entertained audiences on February 28th with their rendition of the Winter musical, The Addams Family. Set in the topsy-turvy world of the Addams household, the production delved into the oddities of this unconventional family as the Addams children confront the challenges of growing up, particularly Wednesday, who finds herself smitten with a nice normal boy, tensions rise. The impending visit of his family to the Addams' eerie abode ignites a chain of events where secrets unravel, relationships were put to the test, and the family grapples with the inevitable force of change. This was one of the largest productions put on by the Rumsey theater program yet, with a huge number of props and students involved with the production. Wonderfully spooky work everyone!

02.28.24. - The Addams Family